Pantone 2017 Interior Trends EDIT

Are you someone who likes to be on trend? Well, Pantone’s colour swatches of the year are here to just give you that inspiration needed.

Pantone’s two pastel Color of the Year picks were soft, calming, and romantic. Rose Qaurtz and and Neons were a dynamic duo – But if that’s not exactly your style, we get it. Not everyone is the same, however, fortunately Pantone has not just picked these palettes to feature in 2017, there is more with the likes of Orange Chiffon, Brandied Melon, Dove Gray, Red Dahlia, and varying shades of Greenery. (Seen Below)

Rich velvets, Foliage, Industrial Style settings vs Light, playful Pastels with hues of Blush and Neons.

The 2016 International Home + Housewares Show in London had explained that the company hopes these colors will address consumers’ desire for something new, yet comfortable. To do this, they pulled inspiration from current design trends (like metallics and black and white imagery), as well as bright colors from the film industry, most notably from films like Star Wars: The Force Awakes, The Peanuts Movie, and Disney’s Inside Out.

Bright Bold Colours like Florbundant, which is filled with rich floral hues, like Pink Yarrow, Red Dahlia, and varying shades of green Vs Metallics, White Imagery and Black.

A few of our own favourites? Acquired Taste, which is a mix of colors and textures that aren’t commonly seen together, like  Brandied Melon, and Dove Gray. And we’re particularly excited about Forest Bathing, which is a stress-reducing palette featuring greens with a few contrasting colors like Grape Kiss and Acid Lime.

Acquired Taste’s Brandied Melon and Dove Gray vs Forest Bathing featuring greens with a few contrasting colors like Grape Kiss and Acid Lime.

Please do comment below with any of your own suggestions, we would love to hear from you!

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